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HUMANS OF THE WORLD- I need your help!!

These ADORABLE humans are my grandparents (the second to last photo is my mommy with my grandma) and they are currently in Nigeria in a pretty desperate situation. I am raising money to help bring them to the USA through gofund me (you can find the link here) or my paypal donation page (linked on my tumblr). This is their situation (words from my go fund me page): 

My grandparents are fast approaching 80 years old and have never had proper medical care before two years ago- when they were able to obtain temporary VISAs to visit the United States. They are back in Nigeria now and their situation is desperate! We are raising money towards the legal fees of filing their paperwork, hiring a lawyer and their plane tickets to come to the USA. Only three members (including myself) of my family are in the West, the rest of my family is back in West Africa. My mother partially supports my brother and I while we are pursing out education and supports my grandparents and other members of my family still in West Africa by wiring money. Due to various health issues and random unfortunate situations, my family is already struggling and bringing my grandparents here is very difficult but we cannot leave them the way they are. Right now they are living alone with no one to aid them, they are farmers so they have to work hard to eat and live, their daily chores are way too laborious for young people, let alone someone their age! They have no help or income assistance, they are isolated from the rest of my family and their health is in poor condition. My grandmother can barely walk, frequently has respiratory problems and chronic skin conditions. My grandfather has one eye, in which he is almost completely blind because of a cataract that doctors refuse to risk operating on, he walks with a limp from a severe farm accident (never treated) that happened years ago and he has trouble performing his daily duties. We just want to bring them here so we can be reunited and so that they can live out their later years in peace.Their situation grows more unfavourable as the part of Nigeria in which they are living gets more dangerous because of multiple terrorist attacks and general political uneasiness.

**please please please, if you can’t help personally, I’d really appreciate if you just reblog or spread the word, it would really help get them out of a bad situation, especially as the situation in their part of Nigeria gets more violent**

Sorry for spamming y’all with my personal business, especially as of late.

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Filipino artist Noel Cruz transforms mass-produced dolls to create stunningly realistic one-of-a-kind figures of celebrities.” 

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look at this idgit i need it for cuddles. 

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SONY ad presented by Benedict

That voice… it’s like being ear fucked with a velvet condom!

##those elephants are abused every day.


so me and tom got to the doctor who episode with mark gatiss

and: FRECKLES?? 

##gingers tend to have freckles

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Neil deGrasse Tyson, on being asked what would happen if the Earth suddenly stopped spinning.

Sidenote: This wonderful physics funfact is also why you should keep your car clean. A tissue box flying at 85 MPH after your car has suddenly stopped due to a car accident can kill you.

#Not to mention, all bodies of water would “roll” too

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the most accurate quote in the history of Peter Capaldi right now:
“‘London Fashion Week’ Are you watching?”

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